Enter SLP address for WAIFU / 輸入 SLP 位址找 WAIFU

[Format / 格式] simpleledger:qpmcxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxscrd

Due to high resource demand, advanced search is currently disabled. / 進階模式系統資源要求高,暫時不開放。

Advanced search shows last trade price and uses multiple layers of APIs to query on-chain data; takes time.


WAIFU search by Name / 輸入名字找 WAIFU

Must precisely match either (and only) the first name or the last name. Case sensitive.

E.g. type in 'Shoka' or 'Nonaka' to find Shoka Nonaka.


範例:輸入「Shoka」或「Nonaka」來尋得「Shoka Nonaka」。

Enter WAIFU Token ID for transaction records / 輸入 WAIFU Token ID 找交易資料

[Format / 格式] 5d1b449c85baf58fd1d2548454a2d193f9cc088f3992580b1b1173eb04a420cd

Contact https://noise.cash/u/liwi via https://noise.cash/n/pttdigicurrency in case of issues.
有問題請透過 https://noise.cash/n/pttdigicurrency 來與我(https://noise.cash/u/liwi)聯繫。

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